Knowledge is empowerment.

As a Specialist for Information and Documentation (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you ensure that knowledge within our company is maintained and remains accessible. You collect and pass on relevant information for us and our customers. 

As a specialist for information and documentation (m/f), you undertake an extremely important function, which one could describe as the conscious of the company. After all, you collect essential information not only for us and our customers, but you also know this knowledge. You always have it at hand, can organise and access it, make it available to others and pass it on. In short: you make knowledge for all of us fruitful.

In order to provide the right data to internal and external customers in the best way possible, you first have to understand what the specific need for information entails. Which is why your skills in research techniques or your abilities as an archivist are just as essential as your good all-round education and your communication skills. Especially when it comes to making complex issues understandable and communicating these. Your work therefore encompasses more than just literature or concentrated Internet research – it is people business and you are the contact person for many.

What you do
Specialists for information and documentation (I&D) work in the archive, library and documentation areas. You take responsibility for purchasing, managing and storing information and data, and thus support tasks within the company. You have specialist knowledge and practical know-how on the area of documentation information and work with all sorts of media.

To solve professional tasks, you leverage methods and measures which enable you to maintain order, set priorities, differentiate between customer-dependent and customer-independent tasks, and to design processes systematically and rationally. Your daily work includes building up media inventories and managing these. You ensure information storage devices are professionally administrated and made available to customers. Your tasks also cover supporting the user in their search for information and information sources.

I&D specialists are service-centric. Your job requires independent work as well as teamwork and flexibility, enabling you to complete tasks according to requirements or the customer’s wishes. You are familiar with the legal and internal regulations as well as the processes required to take the right decisions within the scope of document selection and removal. You have to be able to judge the relevance and importance of content for the company from newly available media. The application of modern information technology is part of your core competencies.

Training locations